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quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2008


Portal site of Japanese music information "Japan Music Entertainment" newly launched

Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has just launched an internet portal site JAPAN MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT transmitting the latest Japanese music information towards Asia and other overseas countries.
Japan is striving to become an intellectual property based country by the united efforts of public and private sectors, and all kinds of measures have been widely taken to promote Japanese music, movie and animation worldwide. RIAJ makes various efforts for developing music market outside of Japan mainly through the activities of overseas market expansion committee.
Now the situation have emerged that, in Asia and other overseas countries, music fans are searching Japanese music information all around. 
We therefore regularly and continuously provide the portal site, Japan Music Entertainment with the latest Japanese music information with supports and Cooperator of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and many other related organizations and companies so as to respect the needs of Japanese music fans overseas through promoting music culture and international comprehension and cultural exchanges.
As a feature of this site, English version is available so that more music fans all over the world may access and get interested in our Japanese music. As for the site production, we're honored to have ORICON's cooperation, so that the latest music news, weekly ranking (single and album), new song information and interviews from the comprehensive entertainment site ORICON STYLE ( can be provided hereafter. Moreover, users can have a 45 second's online audition of any works in the chart.

Como muitos leitores do Papo de Budega curtem música japonesa, inclusive a editora do site, esta é uma nota apenas para mostrar que os japoneses estão mais atentos ao que acontece mundo afora. A organização que coordena a indústria nipônicaa da música criou um novo site, com versão em inglês para que fãs do mundo todo tenham acesso a música local.
Tentarei uma entrevista com uma pessoa que parece interessante para falar da cultura, se conseguir, obviamente vocês vão saber...
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