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terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2008


Otakon To Feature Death Note, Inuyasha's Yamaguchi

The Otakon convention has announced that Kappei Yamaguchi 勝平山口, one of anime's most renowned and experienced voice actors, will be a guest of honor at this year's convention. Roles of his that are most familiar to American fans include the title character in Inuyasha, Usopp in One Piece, and L in Death Note. Yamaguchi's voice has also been heard in dozens of other anime movies and series of the last twenty years, such as Captain Tsubasa, Devil Hunter Yohko, Kiki's Delivery Service, Here is Greenwood, Paradise Kiss, and The Twelve Kingdoms.
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Minha gloriosa indagação é: por que estes eventos não trazem alguém como Kappei, ao invés de cantores fajutos e falidos que só vêm para o Brasil pq não fazem mais sucesso no Japão?
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