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quinta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2007


Interview with WCS 2007 winners

From Brazilian Cosplayers Net comes an exclusive interview with World Cosplay Summit 2007 winners: Damien Ratte (DamDam) and Isabelle Jeudy who cosplayed Tsugiri and Myoubi from the manga Alichino. They asked them about this experience. Complete interview available at Cosplayers.Net on english language.

Entrevista com os vencedores do WCS 2007

O site Cosplayers Net colocou disponível uma entrevista exclusiva com a dupla vencedora do World Cosplay Summit 2007: Damien Ratte (DamDam) e Isabelle Jeudy que fizeram o cosplay de Tsugiri e Myoubi do mangá Alichino. Eles falam de sua experiência até chegar a final. Para ler, clique aqui.

Afro Samurai comes to Brazil on MTV channel

According to JBox News, the Afro Samurai anime will premier in Brazil in November 17 (Saturday) at 10:30 p.m. on MTV channel. This is the second anime title of Music Televison. The first was Desert Punk. Afro Samurai will arrive with original japonese sound and subtitle in portuguese.

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