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domingo, 7 de outubro de 2007

ANIMA INFO 340 Special


Papo de Budega had a talk with Jungo Maruta, President of the Madhouse Studios, and Alex Yeh, it's representative. They answered our questions, some weeks after their visit to Brazil in July. Attention: Portuguese version can be seen in sites Jbox and Animagic Animation. And in Papo de Budega still this week.

Says a little of your career out and inside of the Madhouse.
I was nominated president and CEO of the MADHOUSE, thus that public company INDEX acquired studio. Also, I had suggested for the CEO of the INDEX (my friend of more than 10 years) to buy MADHOUSE, a time that anime is a japonese typical media that has potential to conquer the cinematographic industry of the world.

Which was biggest success title of the studio?
"Success" can be interpreted many ways, but we can say that Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, Death Note, Nana, Metropolis, Paprika, Tokiwo Kakeru Shojo are titles well-known.

Many Japanese publishing companies have its proper producers or agreements with specific studios. Has Madhouse some specific contract with some publishing company in Japan?
We have relationship with all publishing companies. Recently, we have produced more titles based KODANSHA and SHUEISHA publications.

In one anime or movie, if something has that to be modified, who is the last word: producer, director or author? Or is it changeable in accordance with title?
Basically we give finishes word to director. It´s our procedure standard.

How much is time a TV episode ready?
Normally, we initiate pay-production one year before the series will be air. Therefore, if series one goes to last 1 year, will be producing during two years.

Madhouse has some control of the quality of its titltes that are launched by world, or is this position just of the deliverers?
Normally it´s position of the deliverers, but we are in involving each time more.

Death Note´s a success. But the it has many controversies involving the title. What Could you say about Death Note?
I bilieve that title is extremely appropriate for entertainment. I particularly, wouldn´t like to find one 'death note'...

Madhuse has diverse mature adults titles. Is this proposital?
It´s coincidently the success titles are come back for adults, but Madhouse also produces animes for children. Doesn´t exist strategy or intention to create image of we just make movies for adults. The industry placed this image in our studio.

What do studio not accepted to make?
We don´t enter on situation who we have that to dispute the production for the price. We don´t produce movies that our directors don´t feel themselves attracted.

Is Brazil the first country of Latin America that a representative of the Madhouse visits?
Yes, inside of my knowledge.

Despite great population, Brazil still don´t have a great anime market. What do Madhouse found interesting in Brazil to make visit?
I believe we have chance any country where has fans attending anime. I particularly was made an impression with so great passion of Brazilian fans, and I believe on future business-oriented in Brazil. If exists a restriction factor, it´s official language to be Portuguese (well less spread out do that Spanish).

Do you already knew the events of anime happen here?
Honest, not..

On the conference press, you said that would be interesting to make partnerships with Brazil to animation. Would it be in storyboards, scenes or animation?
With people in the creative area... Scriptwriters, ilustrators, etc... Who knows directors of Brazilian movies?

Do you know Brazilian artists in the animation area, script or drawing?
Not. But I hear many about Fernando Meireles, Walter Salles...

Do you believe mangas of other countries (not Japanese) can be animes by Madhouse?
Oh, sure, if manga will be attractive of creative and to have chance around business-oriented...

It is possible them foreign artists to send works (drawings or scripts) for the Madhouse?

Would you have some final commentary? Or would you like to say something that I wasn´t asked?
I believe that the anime market in Brazil opens each time more, through incessant growth of gotten passionate Brazilian fans. Brazilian fans: I wait to bring more animes to Brazil and I waits that you attend each time more! Thank you!


What is public company Index?
It´s a company with main focus in distribution of content to cell company. It´s English website:

Do Madhouse intends to visit other Latin America countries soon and to create plans to region? In the majority of the American countries the official language is the Spanish…
We are thinking about marking presence in Latin America, but we have Brazil as priority.

How can foreign artists send its works? It´s necessary to have a marketing project, similar to Afro Samurai?
The artists can contact our teams to submit the works. They need to have clear objectives of the that they search when submitting work for Madhouse (to want work, to present projects, searched training, etc..). If project will have marketing acceptance, the possibilities is always biggest.

My special thanks to Mr. Maruta, Mr. Yeh and Fernando Ventura

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