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San Francisco, CA JUNE 14, 2007 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, continues to expand the global audience base for its successful NARUTO™ animated series with the latest announcement that SBT (Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão) has been named the terrestrial broadcast partner in Brazil. SBT is one of the country’s largest television networks and is expected to debut the series in the second half of 2007.
The agreement will initially bring 52 episodes of the popular animated series, about a young boy training to become a ninja, to one of the fastest growing television markets in the world The NARUTO brand already possesses a devout following in Brazil through fan access to the internet, and anticipation is expected to rise as the network prepares the series’ debut. . The agreement with SBT was brought to fruition with the assistance of Mr. Nelson Sato, director of Sato Co. who lent his assistance and support throughout the negotiations and helped solidify a new relationship between VIZ Media and SBT.
"SBT is extremely excited to partner with VIZ Media to bring NARUTO to Brazil, with it's unique characters and interesting story lines", states Daniela Beyruti, Network Executive of Brazil's second largest network.
VIZ Media has licensed animated series like NARUTO and another popular titles, such as ZATCH BELL!, to several prominent broadcasters as part of an ongoing campaign to make content available to the Pan- Latin American market. To-date Chilevision (Chile) has licensed 52 episodes of NARUTO, while America TV (Peru) has acquired 52 episodes each of ZATCH BELL! and NARUTO. Televideo Services has picked up 52 episodes each of ZATCH BELL! and NARUTO for Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Honduras.
“NARUTO is becoming a global success story,” says VIZ Media Senior Licensing Manager Andrea Gonzalez. “This latest agreement presents the first opportunity to partner with SBT, and we are very excited because of their demonstrated commitment to bring innovative programming to an expanding audience. They an ideal partner for the NARUTO brand, sharing our goal to entertain with unique animated content while presenting well developed stories that reinforce positive messages about friendship, loyalty and resilience.”

Source: Press Release

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4 comentários:

insane disse...

Seria interessante traduzir isso pro português, Sandra. Nem todo mundo sabe inglês <3

sandra monte disse...

Olá Insane,
Eu pretendo escrever algumas informações e outros comentários ainda estes dias.

Só preciso de uma coisa muito importante: tempo.


Victor disse...

Ei, Sandra, poderia confirmar se é a própria Viz que está fazendo novas edições nos episódios para adequar a exibição do anime na TV aberta brasileira ?

Ou o SBT vai ter de apelar para a tesoura mesmo ?

sandra monte disse...

Oi Victor.
É muito complicado fazer este tipo de confirmação.

Mas acredito que o importante é saber que será editado. Sabe-se lá Deus como. O_o

Ainda hoje (domingo) colocarei umas informações legais.