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quarta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2006


Special event about Lazer magazine in Argentina

The magazine Lazer is one of most important publications about anime and mangas of Argentina. Ivrea Publishing will make an event to commemorate edition 40 of the magazine. "Night Lazer" takes places in Buenos Aires in December 07, that will start to 10:00 p.m. (hourly place). The event is for people with more 18 years. Ivrea website promises animes, music and cosplay.

Revista ganha evento na Argentina

A revista Lazer é uma das mais importantes publicações sobre anime e mangás da Argentina. A editorial Ivrea fará um evento para comemorar a edição 40 da revista. “Lazer Night” acontece em Buenos Aires no dia 07 de dezembro, que começará às 22h (horário local). O evento é unicamente para maiores de 18 anos. O site do evento promete anime, música e cosplay.

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1 comentários:

Agustin disse...

I want to tell you something about the lazer "magazine"
Is not a good magazine of anime is just a magazine that push to the culture of "nude cosplay" and Anime hentai.

That "magazine" make a "lazer night" with anime and streapers in the event...
I just gotta say that the magazine lazer and their conventions don't represent the anime in Argentina.
And is not the most important magazine, and is not a important event...

I hope You and other persons can read this and know that the "editorial ivrea" dosn't represent us.

The 90% of the argentine people heats the "culture" of lazer, please search more things and you'll see what I'm saying!

the best wishes! bye!