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domingo, 13 de agosto de 2006

ANIMA INFO 95 - Special

Atenção, a versão em português está em Animation Animagic.

Interview with VIZ Media Vice President International Carol Roeder

Papo de Budega presents an interview with VIZ Media Vice President International Carol Roeder. She tells about titles that will appear soon in Latin America along others informations.

Which are the anime and manga properties can VIZ Media negotiate in Latin America?
VIZ Media represents leading media properties from Japan for T.V. and merchandising in Latin America, including DEKO BOKO FRIENDS, DORAEMON, INUYASHA, MEGAMAN NT WARRIOR, NARUTO, and ZATCH BELL!.
We are in the process of defining and establishing our publishing strategy in Latin America and will be confirming partners for several manga series (including NARUTO, BLEACH, and ZATCH BELL!) In the next couple of months.

Which the licensing company does VIZ Media have relationships with the in LA?
We currently have representatives in all Latina American territories: Creative licensing (Brazil), Doce (Chile), International Merchandising (Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, And Paraguay), Licensing & Promotions Latin America (Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, And Paraguay) and Tycoon (Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Colombia, And Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador).

What is the situation of Ranma 1/2 manga in Brazil? The Animanga Publishing company had the rights of the manga, but doesn't anymore? Some another publishing company has the rights of Ranma 1/2 in Brazil?
We are currently in discussions with another publisher for rights and expect to see RANMA 1/2 back in the market next year.

Beyond the Cartoon Network, some another TV bought NARUTO anime? What outlets?
We have confirmed terrestrial TV broadcast partners for NARUTO in Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Honduras and will be announcing future partners following MIPCOM in October.

And some publishing bought NARUTO manga? Where? Who?
We are finalizing our manga plans for NARUTO, BLEACH and a number of titles right now and should be able to announce something to the market shortly.

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST manga will arrives here?
We do not represent international publishing rights for FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST.

And BLEACH? When?
We are finalizing our manga plans for BLEACH and should be able to announce something to the market shortly.

Special thanks: Carol Roeder, Evelyn Dubocq, Andrea Gonzalez and
Felipe Marcantonio

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Anônimo disse...

Poxa, mó absurdo nenhuma menção a nenhum título shoujo :(

Sett disse...

Interessante saber como estão as negociaçoes sobre os mangás. Que bom saber que Bleach está vindo.
Como escreveu o comenentario nem uma palavra sobre shoujo ¬_¬
Mas fã de shoujo no Brasil é como mocinha de novela das seis: é somente sofrimento!!! ^_^'