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segunda-feira, 12 de junho de 2006


Conrad just launched Bambi In Brazil

Brazilian manga publisher Conrad lanched Bambi by Atsushi Kaneko. The history has adult content. Conrad make available a preview in its website. To have access, click here (button colours blue below). The format of the manga is 14 x 21 cm, with 200 pages. The price is R$ 22,00 (or US$ 9,80).

One Piece, Ranma ½ and Viewtiful Joe on Cartoon Network in July

Long ago a pirate named Gold Roger, aka the Pirate King, conquered all before him. Enemies caught up with him and he was executed. But before he died, he revealed word of his legendary treasure known as One Piece. Enter Monkey D. Luffy. He wants the gold, and after eating a Devil’s Fruit he can turn to rubber and pursue his dream. Don’t miss the adventures of One Piece every Monday-Thursday at 23:30.
Then, meet a 16-year-old martial artist with a crazy life. After being cursed he becomes a busty red-headed girl when splashed with cold water. His family and friends are all in similar predicaments. Catch Ranma ½ every Monday-Thursday at 1:30 in Toonami.
Then, join an average Joe who is forced into Movieland where the movie characters all live to rescue his girlfriend from all the evil villains! Catch Viewtiful Joe every Monday-Thursday at 2:30.

Source: Press Release
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