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quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2006


Hollywood Anime Update: Pet Shop of Horrors, Witch Hunter Robin, Sailor Moon

A Variety article on Hollywood anime adaptations revealed new details on several upcoming productions:
Since 1997, Hollywood has been acquiring major anime properties like "Sailor Moon", about a group of young girls gifted with magical powers and skimpy costumes; "Speed Racer", a '60s series about a heroic racecar driver; and "Battle Angel Alita", in which a skull-cracking female cyborg searches for her past.
Dozens of projects are already rumbling into production. Weta is attached to "EVA" and already started creating concept art. James Cameron is directing "Battle Angel," and he's spent the past 10 months developing the technology necessary to bring it to the bigscreen. "Pet Shop of Horrors", another Tokyopop project that's a "Twilight Zone"-esque series about a mysterious pet store, is set up with Rogue Pictures, and even Roy Lee is developing a TV series based on the acclaimed "Witch Hunter Robin" anime.
Fonte: ANN

Segundo o artigo da Variety, diversos animes estariam nas mãos de produtores em Hollywood. Os títulos em questão estão em negrito. Seria algo bastante curioso ver Sailor Moon no cinema, não acham? São diversos títulos nas mãos de produtores de Hollywood. Agora, vai saber quais são todos os desenhos em questão! Vamos esperar...
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